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Middle East Could Cut Water Woes by Turning To Solar

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Thirsty Middle Eastern and North African countries could tap into their solar energy potential to cope with freshwater scarcity, according to resource experts. Water could be saved by switching to renewable solar energy from fossil fuel electricity generation that uses up water, said the World Resources Institute (WRI). The findings show moving […]

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Three Solar Auctions of Note: France, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia

From Bloomberg New Energy Finance: Three countries provided details of upcoming auctions for renewable energy last week. The French Environment and Energy Ministry said it would invite proposals for 3GW of onshore wind parks over three years, with the first tender planned for November, while Saudi Arabia said that in September it would award its […]

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An Opening for a Better Energy Course in Egypt

An Opening for a Better Energy Course in Egypt

A New Study Suggests How Sound Energy Policy Can Help Modernize the Most Populous Country in the Mideast

“80 Gigawatts of Change,” an important new report commissioned by the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights and the Heinrich Böll Foundation offers some crucial and timely detail on how the most populous country in the Middle East might best manage its energy future. Egypt today has an electricity shortage—the country requires 30 gigawatts […]

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