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Zero-emission power from natural gas delivered to Texas grid


NET Power has delivered electricity on to the ERCOT grid from its 50 MWth test facility in La Porte, Texas. The clean energy company, whose technology generates zero-emission electricity from natural gas, claims it is the first time anywhere in the world this has been achieved, representing a major milestone for the energy industry.

NET Power’s technology burns natural gas and uses supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) to generate electricity while capturing CO2 and claims the latest ‘is expected to accelerate the commercialisation of this game-changing technology’.

“This is a Wright-brothers-first-flight kind of breakthrough for energy – zero-emission, low-cost electricity delivered to the grid from natural gas-fuelled technology,” said NET Power CEO Ron DeGregorio.

“Now we can expand on our deep bench of partners to accelerate development of commercial NET Power projects around the world that are urgently needed to help achieve aggressive climate targets at an affordable price.”

[Nick Parkinson]

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