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Zephyr plans 1GW wind farm in waters between Denmark, Sweden


Sweden-based Zephyr Vind, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Norwegian company Zephyr, has announced plans to build a large-scale offshore wind farm in Sweden, which would use both floating and fixed-bottom foundations.

The company has proposed two preliminary project designs: one with 61 wind turbines with a 20+ MW capacity each, and one with 94 turbines with an output of 15 MW per unit. The wind farm is expected to generate around 5.5 TWh of electricity per year, which corresponds to the annual electricity demand of about 1 million households.

The (floating) offshore wind farm, named Poseidon, would consist of two sites – Poseidon North and Poseidon South – built some 40 kilometres northwest of Gothenburg, within an area in the waters between Sweden and Denmark.

The falling cost of renewable energy and the potential of emerging technologies, such as hydrogen, is at the front of policymakers’ minds, pushing gas out of favour as they legislate even more ambitious climate targets.

[Adrijana Buljan]

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