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Wyoming limits rate hikes at carbon capture coal plants to 2%


Public utilities that add carbon capture technology to coal-fired power plants in Wyoming may increase rates by a maximum 2% to cover the cost, according to rule revisions the Wyoming Public Service Commission adopted Friday.

Utilities may also claim an exemption from the 2020 law that mandates adding carbon capture technologies as a prerequisite to retiring coal-fired power units. Exemptions can be claimed in the instance that an environmental, reliability and economic analysis determines the step unfeasible.

The PSC approved the rule revisions as it prepares a regulatory framework to implement HB 200, Reliable and dispatchable low-carbon energy standards, passed in 2020. The regulatory authority has until the end of March to finalize its proposed suite of HB 200 rules.

The commission received dozens of public comments regarding the Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 rule revisions, most of them in favor of allowing for an analysis-based exemption and limited ratepayer liability.

[Dustin Bleizeffer]

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