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White House pushing for world lead in lithium-ion battery race

Canary Media: 

The United States has already lost the solar power manufacturing race to China. Now the Biden administration wants to make sure that it doesn’t lose the lithium-ion battery race.

That’s the focus of a new set of policies announced by the Department of Energy on Tuesday, aimed at regaining market share from China, Japan and South Korea in making the key components of the advanced lithium-ion batteries that will power electric vehicles and store renewable energy for a decarbonized grid. The move is also intended to secure U.S. supplies of the raw materials that go into the batteries.

DOE’s new policies mandate that projects receiving federal support — including $200 million in the agency’s 2022 budget to support battery technology research and development — must manufacture a significant portion of their products within the U.S. It will also expand the guidelines for the $17 billion in lending authority under DOE’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program, part of the agency’s Loan Programs Office, to include advanced battery cells and packs for use in EVs.

Alongside these new policies, DOE is also asking Congress to pass legislation that aligns with the Biden administration’s $2.2 trillion infrastructure plan that would boost domestic battery manufacturing. Those proposed provisions include incentives to boost EV adoption and domestic manufacturing, grants and support for electrifying school and transit buses, and cost-sharing and grant programs to bring more domestic advanced battery cell manufacturers to commercial scale.

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