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Torres Small contest could hinge on oil and gas support

New Mexico In Depth:

Dressed in denim on a windy day in front of an oil and gas rig, Xochitl Torres Small looks into the camera and says, “Washington doesn’t get us,” then tells viewers she fought to get workers the coronavirus relief they deserve. 

The ad is just one of many in which Democrat Torres Small is positioning herself as an ally of oil and gas this election year as she strives to win a second term in New Mexico’s southern congressional district, one of just 26 of 435 House races across the nation declared a tossup by the respected Cook Political Report. It’s New Mexico’s most competitive high-profile contest. 

Two years after Torres Small beat former Republican state lawmaker Yvette Herrell by fewer than 4,000 votes out of nearly 200,000 cast, the two women are facing off again in 2020, and Torres Small is making sure to stress her oil and gas bona fides

Clark Williams-Derry, an energy finance analyst at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, viewed the divisions as a consequence of economic stress upon the industry “that wasn’t true a decade ago.” 

“Different companies are taking wildly different strategies in an industry that used to be marching pretty much in lockstep,” Williams-Derry said.

While dismissing the idea that major oil producers are trying to put smaller producers out of business, he acknowledged a large producers’ needs and interests differ from their smaller counterparts’. 

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