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Texas Railroad Commission under fire for failure to curb flaring

Houston Style Magazine:

Today the Texas Railroad Commission failed to take decisive action on controlling gas flaring and venting at fracking sites and at petrochemical industrial complexes that the Commission is responsible for around the state of Texas.

Texas Campaign for the Environment and other environmental organizations and local residents’ groups motivated by concerns about climate change and communities’ and workers’ health, have communicated in a series of over 2,400 emails from Texas voters to the Railroad Commissioners and in testimony at recent online meetings of the Commission. They urge the Commission to end the oil and gas industry practice of burning off what is considered “waste” gas. Methane emissions, for one example, from the Permian Basin are now the target of climate change campaigners, including TCE, who consider the region a “climate bomb.”

Robin Schneider, Executive Director with the Texas Campaign for the Environment commented today following the Railroad Commission meeting:

The Commission’s industry report recognizes climate change but unfortunately the leaders of the State of Texas do not.

Background Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Wayne Christian on Climate Change

Industry Coalition Flaring Report

Assessment of flaring by Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis — High levels of flaring are occurring at a time when the industry is performing at its financial worst

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