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Surveys suggest Biden energy plans fail to scare key state voters

Inside Climate News:

During the final presidential debate last week, Joe Biden said that he would “transition from the oil industry,” a statement immediately seized on by President Donald Trump and oil industry groups, who treated it as a political gaffe that would harm Biden in Texas, Pennsylvania and other battleground states.

It wasn’t a gaffe. And the reaction showed that Trump and others are out of touch with how public opinion has changed. 

Robert Murray, the founder and longtime leader of the coal company Murray Energy, died this week of complications from lung disease.

It was a week after he retired as chairman of American Consolidated Natural Resources, the name his Ohio-based company took after it emerged from bankruptcy in September.

I knew Murray as a major player in Ohio energy policy, someone who took big and small steps to slow the growth of renewable energy because he saw it as competition for coal.  This was before he gained a national profile because of his support for Donald Trump along with his role in shaping the Trump administration’s promotion of coal and overall approach to energy regulation.

“It’s fair to say that Murray has been the last coal optimist in the country,” said Sandy Buchanan, the Cleveland-based executive director of the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), speaking with me last year after Murray Energy filed for bankruptcy protection. She meant that he ran his business as if coal had a future, including buying other coal companies based on the idea that they were undervalued assets. 

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