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South Africa moves forward with plan to build 6,800MW of new renewable energy capacity

Renewables Now:

The South African government will organise a procurement programme for 11,813 MW of new power infrastructure, including 6,800 MW set aside for renewable energy.

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy said that the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) has concurred with its ministerial determination issued in February 2020 to procure additional capacity.

The procurement will open up a number of bid windows, including Bid Window 5 (BW 5) for renewable energy capacity. About 6,800 MW of wind and photovoltaic (PV), 513 MW of storage, 3,000 MW of gas-fired capacity and 1,500 MW from coal-based plants will be up for bidding.

“Given the current supply constraints, this additional generation capacity is urgently required, and will be an important contribution towards ending load shedding and ensuring energy security for the country,” Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter commented following NERSA’s decision.

The additional capacity is to come on top of the 2,000 MW of emergency power currently being procured under the technology agnostic Risk Mitigation Independent Power Producer Programme (RMIPPP).

The new procurement programme is in line with South Africa’s Integrated Resources Plan (IRP 2019), which sets the country’s energy agenda through 2030. The IRP 2019 leaves gigawatts worth of space for renewable, but coal will remain the biggest source of electricity for South Africa due to its abundance.

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