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Solar stands to push aside 70 percent of daytime coal-fired generation in Texas by 2022

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Texas’ power generation market is rapidly reshaping, and solar is having a big impact. According to a new report issued by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, new utility-scale solar is poised to push much of the remaining coal-fired power fleet across the Lone Star State into retirement over the next few years.

The report—Solar Surge Set to Drive Much of Remaining Texas Coal-Fired Fleet Offline—shows an increasing vulnerability of coal plants across the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ managed market, which comprises most of the state. Specifically, the report’s authors point out to roughly 70 percent of daytime coal-fired generation in ERCOT being at risk by 2022. 

In the past 10 years, solar power capacity has increased in the U.S. by almost 4,000 percent; in Texas, across ERCOT’s area, the installed solar capacity grew from 15 megawatts in 2010 to 2,281 MW at the end of 2019, representing a 15,107 percent increase. Moreover, by the end of 2020, ERCOT’s installed solar capacity is projected to surpass 5,800 MW. Meanwhile, in the area served by ERCOT, there are 11 remaining coal-fired generators. 

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