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IEEFA U.S.: The coal-to-renewables transition takes off
The traditional S-curve growth exhibited by disruptive technologies, often cited when game-changing consumer devices, such as smartphones, take over markets and rapidly push older products out, is just as valid to describe how wind turbines…
May 05, 2021
Dennis Wamsted, Seth Feaster
IEEFA U.S.: Colorado’s newest coal plant, needing extensive repairs (again), was idle for a year
Xcel Energy’s troubled Unit 3 at the Comanche Generating Station in Colorado was offline for almost an entire year after being closed for repairs—even as customers started paying the $11.7 million cost of fixing previous problems.
January 15, 2021
Seth Feaster
IEEFA U.S.: Coal plants close as renewable energy construction rises
Joe Biden’s win in the U.S. presidential election has sparked thousands of words about coming changes to the electric utility sector; the reality is that the marketplace is already quickly pushing these changes. During the past three weeks,…
November 20, 2020
Dennis Wamsted
IEEFA U.S.: Wind farms are forever
When the Lake Benton II wind farm in southwestern Minnesota was taken offline this past October after 20 years of service, the shutdown made news for its novelty. Wind farms are being built these days, not closed, and Lake Benton II was…
January 23, 2020
Karl Cates
IEEFA op-ed: Reality of carbon capture not even close to proponents’ wishful thinking
August 4, 2019 (Denver Post) — Jon Caldara’s op-ed on Xcel’s Colorado Energy Plan attacks the utility company and the broader environmental community, saying that the latter is motivated primarily by feelings of virtue rather than cold hard…
August 08, 2019
David Schlissel
IEEFA U.S.: Solar-plus-storage is undermining the economics of existing coal-fired generation
May 16, 2019
Dennis Wamsted
IEEFA U.S.: The federal government’s updated electricity-generation forecast seems already outdated
The Energy Information Administration’s release this week of its Annual Energy Outlook includes indications that the agency is beginning to incorporate rapid price renewables-sector declines into its market modelling. But the outlook—like…
January 25, 2019
Dennis Wamsted
IEEFA U.S.: A rough week for the American coal industry
The economic problems facing the U.S. coal industry have been on manifest display this week. On Tuesday morning, the federal Energy Information Administration reported that coal use in the U.S. is on track to fall to its lowest level since…
December 07, 2018
Dennis Wamsted
IEEFA update: Pushback from the big boys against U.S. coal bailout campaign
The Trump administration’s scheme to subsidize the coal industry has nothing to do with grid resiliency or energy security—the White House is simply picking a favorite in the heated battle for market share across the U.S. electricity…
June 15, 2018
Dennis Wamsted, Karl Cates
IEEFA update: The American wind-energy horse is out of the barn
Almost a decade has gone by now since U.S. wind-turbine power purchase agreements were priced at $70 per megawatt-hour. Technology advances and efficiency gains have since driven a seemingly relentless drop in such prices.
June 08, 2018
David Schlissel
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