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New tech promises to solve steel’s iron ore problem as met coal miners face uncertain future
9 August 2022 (IEEFA): The development of new, cleaner steelmaking technology is helping to ease concerns about a predicted bottleneck in the iron ore supply chain. A new report from IEEFA, Solving Iron Ore Quality Issues for Low-Carbon…
August 09, 2022
PCI coal for steelmaking soon to be impacted by decarbonisation
10 May 2022 (IEEFA): Steel-making companies are exploring replacing Australia and Russia’s increasingly expensive and supply-challenged PCI coal with green hydrogen as an early pathway to reducing emissions in the steel industry, finds a new…
May 10, 2022
IEEFA: Is there scope for faster decarbonisation of Australian steel?
The industry's largest emissions come from blast furnaces, the globally dominant process. Melting scrap in electric arc furnaces can produce new steel without coal or iron ore
January 24, 2022
Simon Nicholas, Soroush Basirat
IEEFA: Deutsche Bank claims responsible climate leadership while bankrolling yet more thermal coal
A major highlight of the COP26 summit was the UN-sponsored Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero Emissions reaching 450 globally significant firms that collectively manage US$130 trillion of financial assets, including Deutsche Bank.
December 16, 2021
Tim Buckley
IEEFA Australia: How fossil fuel subsidies are thwarting Queensland’s renewable energy ambitions
The State government and industry leaders recognise the huge employment, investment and export opportunities in zero emissions industries
November 26, 2021
Tim Buckley
IEEFA Canada: Teck’s possible met coal exit an ominous sign for U.S. coal companies
September 21, 2021
Seth Feaster
IEEFA Update: Why Australia is a bigger carbon pariah than we think
Australia is the largest exporter of iron ore, gas and metallurgical coal and is second in thermal coal, all smelted and burned elsewhere. Scope III emissions covering transport and end use mean that Australia is the world's third largest…
September 15, 2021
Adrian Blundell-Wignall
IEEFA Australia: Comparing global commitment to renewable energy policies, programs and funding
Corporations and financial institutions globally are curtailing finance to new fossil fuel projects. In Australia, businesses are following suit, given its economy is very trade-exposed and its financial system is exceptionally linked to…
September 08, 2021
Tim Buckley
IEEFA Update: G7 coal finance exit and why it matters for India
The commitment by the Group of Seven (G7) nations, along with several other European Union nations, to stop international financing of coal power projects by the end of this year is another strong step towards putting the world on a path to…
May 28, 2021
Tim Buckley
IEEFA: Whitehaven’s Vickery coal folly
Whitehaven Coal has long set its strategic direction on the implicit assumption that the world would fail to deliver on the Paris Agreement. Its investor communications and Board strategies have largely ignored and more recently downplayed…
April 28, 2021
Tim Buckley
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