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IEEFA Update: Financing the future of green hydrogen
The next energy market disruptor, green hydrogen is moving at lightspeed and global investment, with strong policy support and replication of the solar learning curve, is adding to the momentum. The outcome is as inevitable as it is overdue…
January 26, 2022
Tim Buckley
IEEFA: BlackRock has moved rapidly on climate – but Adani exposures remain a major obstacle
One of the successes of the COP26 summit was the growth in the UN-convened Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero to a US$130 trillion of collective assets, almost double the total of just six months ago. Enforcement of the substance of this…
November 19, 2021
Tim Buckley
IEEFA Australia: AGL Energy has lost over 70% of its market value, destroying A$12 billion in shareholder wealth
22 July 2021 (IEEFA Australia): In failing to realise its early green ambition AGL Energy, one of Australia’s biggest electricity generators and retailers wiped over 70% off its market value in just four years, destroying A$12 billion in…
July 22, 2021
IEEFA: Repowering India’s top wind sites could add 30 gigawatts of capacity
India’s wind power sector is ailing. Wind capacity commissioning has been moving at a snail’s place in the last four years with less than 2 gigawatts (GW) of annual capacity additions. This is significantly off-track from the 11-12GW needed…
June 22, 2021
Kashish Shah
IEEFA: Global finance is mobilising to meet East Asia’s net-zero ambition
Chinese President Xi Jinping’s surprise announcement at the UN General Assembly in September 2020 that the world’s biggest emitter would become carbon neutral by 2060 has proved pivotal.
May 11, 2021
Tim Buckley
IEEFA U.S.: The coal-to-renewables transition takes off
The traditional S-curve growth exhibited by disruptive technologies, often cited when game-changing consumer devices, such as smartphones, take over markets and rapidly push older products out, is just as valid to describe how wind turbines…
May 05, 2021
Dennis Wamsted, Seth Feaster
IEEFA: As owner of India’s most valuable energy company, the Adani Group should lead the country’s energy strategy
11 November 2020 (IEEFA India): A new IEEFA report identifies the opportunity for the Adani Group to lead Indian energy strategy by further aligning itself with the government’s vision for energy independence and fast-growing reliance on…
November 10, 2020
IEEFA: What Australia can learn from Texas’ embrace of clean energy
19 October 2020 (IEEFA Australia): The Australian government’s plan for a gas-fired economic recovery from COVID-19 ignores the market’s clear preference for renewables over fossil fuels.
October 19, 2020
IEEFA update: Another pipeline tripped up by failure to obtain a Clean Water Act approval
While the debate rages over the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a large proposed extension has just hit a brick wall.  
August 13, 2020
Suzanne Mattei
Despite the talk, Shell and Total are still investing much more in fossil fuels than renewables
July 23, 2020 (IEEFA) – While Shell and Total are shifting towards renewable energy technologies, around 90% of their capital continues to be spent on fossil fuels, finds a new report fro
July 23, 2020
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