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IEEFA Europe: Looming EU anti-pollution standards undercut recent coal investments
New anti-pollution standards in the European Union that take effect in 2021 are highlighting how cheap coal power plants are no longer an opportunity for buyers to make a quick buck, or grow market share, putting pressure on selling utilities…
November 27, 2019
Gerard Wynn
IEEFA update: European utilities at risk from Credit Agricole’s new 2030 coal exit stance
June 7, 2019 (LONDON) – Paris-based Credit Agricole has become one of the first banks to join a growing investor coalition demanding that electric utilities exit coal generation by 2030, underscoring the urgency for strategic change at major…
June 07, 2019
Gerard Wynn
IEEFA Europe: Spain scraps solar tax in energy market shakeup that threatens coal
LONDON—Spain has scrapped a tax widely criticised for undermining solar power in Europe’s sunniest country in an energy policy reversal that has also dimmed the outlook for coal power. The full scale of the new government’s plans will be…
October 26, 2018
Gerard Wynn
IEEFA Europe: A Regulatory Blow to Spain’s Subsidized Coal-Fired Electricity Sector
In its rejection this week of a government proposal to prop up the nation’s oldest and most polluting coal power plants, Spain’s energy regulator has concluded that a “significant part” of the country’s coal fleet can be closed without…
January 26, 2018
Gerard Wynn, Paolo Coghe, Carlota Ruiz-Bautista...
IEEFA Spain: The High Cost of Political Interference in Power Markets
The Spanish government’s move this week to block closures of inefficient power plants presents the latest example of a trend toward expensive political interference in electricity markets.
November 16, 2017
Gerard Wynn
IEEFA Update: If Trump Is Looking Out for Consumers, He’ll Reject Solar Tariffs
President Trump is about to confront a policy dilemma that will test his commitment to U.S. job growth. The dilemma in question is manifested in a trade tariff case brought by two troubled U.S. photovoltaic manufacturers, Suniva and…
November 09, 2017
Tom Sanzillo
IEEFA Update: U.K. Biomass-Fueled Electricity Generation Appears Not to Be the Answer
Growing doubts around the merit of burning wood and other solid biomass as a large-scale solution for cutting carbon emissions from power generation may see the renewable fuel dumped —in the same way diesel and liquid biofuels have lost favor…
November 08, 2017
Gerard Wynn
IEEFA Report: Endesa’s Plan to Upgrade Aging Spanish Coal Plants Puts …
… finds that plans by Enel Group’s Spanish-subsidiary Endesa to sink €400 million into upgrading three aging …
October 26, 2017
… New Emission Limits to Drive Decarbonization: The Case of Endesa
Plans by Enel Group’s Spanish-subsidiary Endesa to sink €400 million into upgrading three aging …
October 01, 2017
Gerard Wynn, Paolo Coghe
IEEFA Europe: In Announcing Coal Plant Closures, Enel, Biggest Utility in the EU, Signals Industry Compliance With New Emission Rules
Enel, Europe’s biggest utility by market value, has given the first hint of the impact of new EU pollution limits in announcing the closure of two large coal power plants by 2018 and a plan to close all of its coal and lignite generation by…
May 17, 2017
Gerard Wynn
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