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Assessing the decarbonisation pathways of India's power sector giants
Indian power sector giants NTPC and Tata Power require massive capital to fund their transformations … However, to unlock this transition finance NTPC and Tata Power will need to establish formal, outcome-based …
August 10, 2022
Saurabh Trivedi, Christina Ng
More ambitious emissions reduction targets will help Indian fossil fuel giants tap global transition finance
10 August 2022 (IEEFA India): Global green capital presents a multi-billion-dollar opportunity for Indian power sector giants such as NTPC and Tata Power to fund their clean energy transitions.
August 10, 2022
Price of buying power from Prairie State coal plant will remain a bad deal for Cleveland Public Power customers
The Prairie State Energy Campus, a coal-fired power plant in Southern Illinois, has generated electricity … since it opened in 2012. This means that Cleveland Public Power, along with the 200 other communities who have contracts to purchase power from this plant, have been over-paying for the price …
August 09, 2022
David Schlissel
New tech promises to solve steel’s iron ore problem as met coal miners face uncertain future
9 August 2022 (IEEFA): The development of new, cleaner steelmaking technology is helping to ease concerns about a predicted bottleneck in the iron ore supply chain. A new report from IEEFA, Solving Iron Ore Quality Issues for Low-Carbon…
August 09, 2022
IEEFA webinar: Carbon capture's methane problem
… for reducing harmful emissions from coal- and gas-fired power plants. But a recent IEEFA study indicates that …
August 01, 2022
David Schlissel, Dennis Wamsted
Carbon capture’s methane problem: New report shows technology doesn’t live up to the hype
… in carbon capture projects, a new report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) highlights that the promises of carbon …
August 01, 2022
… renewables last financial year – so what next for green power in the country?
Investment in renewable energy hit record levels in India In the 2021-22 financial year. A total of $14.5 billion was invested in renewable energy, up by 125% compared with financial year 2020-21 and 72% higher than in the pre-pandemic period…
July 15, 2022
Vibhuti Garg
Investment risks of carbon capture and storage currently outweigh its potential
7 July (IEEFA Asia): Carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects are not yet ready to warrant them investable, according to IEEFA’s latest report by Guest Contributor Michael Salt, an energy economics and finance analyst.  
July 07, 2022
IEEFA/JMK: India’s first grid-scale standalone energy storage tenders to spur investments and domestic manufacturing
… tenders by the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) and NTPC will augment the country’s energy storage capacity by …
July 04, 2022
Keystone XL Pipeline has no future based on current market trends
Shifts in Canadian oil sands production , U.S. pipeline development make …
June 24, 2022
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