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IEEFA update: U.S.-Canada trade tensions could scuttle Kinder Morgan sale of Trans Mountain Pipeline
August 03, 2018
Tom Sanzillo, Kathy Hipple
… budget deficit 36% higher while ensuring Houston-based Kinder Morgan a 637% gain
… purchase of the Trans Mountain Pipeline from Houston-based Kinder Morgan, according to a report published today by the …
June 26, 2018
Press Release
IEEFA update: Commercial need for Trans Mountain Pipeline no longer holds – if it ever did
June 13, 2019
Kathy Hipple, Tom Sanzillo
Canada's folly
… purchase of the Trans Mountain Pipeline from Houston-based Kinder Morgan.
June 01, 2018
Tom Sanzillo, Kathy Hipple
IEEFA update: Teck Resources, wisely, casts doubt on Frontier Oil Sands mine project
Don Lindsay, CEO of Teck Resources, said last week that proceeding with the Frontier Oil Sands project
February 07, 2020
Tom Sanzillo, Kathy Hipple
IEEFA: Trans Mountain (TMX) pipeline ($17 billion+) will require even more Canadian taxpayer dollars to prop up
March 9, 2022 (IEEFA) – Three years and an estimated $17.3 billion* into the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion (TMX) project, the Canadian government has declared that no more national tax dollars will be used to complete it. …
March 09, 2022
Press Release
IEEFA report: Additional $320 million in subsidies used to finance Trans Mountain Pipeline in first half of 2019
November 19, 2019
Press Release
Calling for a Federal Inquiry on Link Between Campaign Donations and Utah’s $53 Million Coal-Port Payout
The Utah Legislature has approved a $53 million payment toward development of a Port of Oakland expansion (more than 700 miles away) ostensibly so that coal mined in Utah can be shipped overseas. Here’s the problem with the deal: Coal-export…
March 18, 2016
Tom Sanzillo
IEEFA Canada: Ill-advised oil sands project faces rough future
Teck’s $20.6 billion Frontier Oil Sands Mine Project, now before the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Joint Review Panel, faces an extraordinary and alarming combination of risks.  The project will face financial distress for its…
October 10, 2018
Tom Sanzillo, Kathy Hipple
Trans Mountain Pipeline financials suggest taxpayer dollars at risk
An additional $320 million in new subsidies was given to finance the multi-billion dollar Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMX), calling into question the economic feasibility of the expansion project.
November 01, 2019
Tom Sanzillo, Kathy Hipple
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