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Why Engie should close, not sell, its coal-fired power plants in …
The French multinational energy company Engie would be better off closing its three coal-fired …
September 01, 2018
Gerard Wynn, Paolo Coghe
IEEFA report: Benefits to Engie from closing three German coal-fired power plants …
September 04, 2018
Press Release
IEEFA Europe: The Carbon-Capture Dream Is Dying
The collapse of a Dutch “clean coal” power project has ended near-term prospects for carbon capture and storage (CCS) in European power generation. That leaves proponents of the technology having to turn instead to smaller, industrial…
July 20, 2017
Gerard Wynn
IEEFA Update: Japan Is Investing Heavily in Overseas Renewables
March 28, 2017
Tim Buckley, Simon Nicholas
How European utilities can capitalize on new emission limits to drive decarbonization
Plans by Enel Group’s Spanish-subsidiary Endesa to sink €400 million into upgrading three aging coal-fired plants are a likely loss-making proposition under new European Union emission-control rules.
October 01, 2017
Gerard Wynn, Paolo Coghe
IEEFA Asia: As India Moves, Europe Follows
As world energy markets transform at an unprecedented rate, India is at the forefront of the shift toward a profitable renewables industry, especially given how the country’s solar belt has the potential to supply 749 gigawatts (GW) of power…
October 17, 2017
Tim Buckley
IEEFA Update: Netherlands, in New Program to Close All Coal-Fired Generation by 2030, Sends European Energy Markets a Sharp Signal
In announcing plans to shut all coal-fired power plants by 2030,  the new government of the Netherlands sent a dramatic signal to electricity markets today that no investment in coal-fired power in Europe is safe. The Dutch statement is…
October 10, 2017
Gerard Wynn
The Dutch coal mistake
Three new coal-fired power plants in the Netherlands are proving far less valuable than expected and are fundamentally out of step with electricity-market trends across Europe.
November 01, 2016
Gerard Wynn
IEEFA Germany: RWE’s coal phaseout compensation demands defy market prices
If market price is the benchmark for compensating the early closure of coal assets, then recent deals indicate that Germany’s coal and lignite power plants and mines have very low value, and make a mockery of compensation claims by Germany’s…
February 21, 2019
Gerard Wynn
IEEFA Europe: More Fallout Around the Dutch Coal Stranded-Asset Mistake
In “The Dutch Coal Mistake” report we published late last year we warned of further write-downs to come from the extraordinary commissioning of three brand-new coal power plants in the Netherlands in 2015.
March 31, 2017
Gerard Wynn
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