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Scrapping of Atlantic Coast Pipeline Celebrated in Northern Virginia


Democrats and progressive organizations in Northern Virginia are hailing the cancellation of a controversial $8 billion natural gas pipeline, calling it a major win for environmentalists.

Builders of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, hobbled by years of delays and a ballooning price tag, announced the undertaking would be cancelled in a joint statement Sunday. Dominion and Duke Energy attributed the decision to an “unacceptable layer of uncertainty and anticipated delays” for the pipeline, which would have run 600 miles from West Virginia to North Carolina, through Virginia.

The project faced significant legal and grassroots pushback from environmental and community groups. But action by a district court in Montana to overturn a nationwide permit for crossing water and wetlands was the final straw, the companies said — even despite a Supreme Court decision last month that would have allowed the project to cross the Appalachian Trail. 

A January 2019 analysis from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis raised questions about whether the pipeline, if completed, would be able to recoup the cost of construction.

“The demand outlook for gas has changed dramatically since the project’s inception and much of the project’s original justification has evaporated,” the analysis said. “The project does not represent good value to the ratepayer.”

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