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Scientists: Binding global treaty needed to ban virgin plastic by 2040

The Guardian:

A binding global treaty is needed to phase out the production of “virgin” or new plastic by 2040, scientists have said.

The solution to the blight of plastic pollution in the oceans and on land would be a worldwide agreement on limits and controls, they say in a special report in the journal Science.

Since the 1950s about 8bn tonnes of plastic has been produced. The effects are everywhere. One of the report’s authors, Nils Simon, said: “Plastics are ubiquitously found in increasing amounts worldwide, including in terrestrial environments and even inside the human body.”

The authors say the very properties that have made plastic an apparently essential modern material also make it a serious environmental threat.

The report calls for a new global treaty “to cover the entire lifecycle of plastics, from the extraction of the raw materials needed for its manufacture to its legacy pollution”.

The largest proportion of plastic waste comes from packaging materials (47%), while textiles are responsible for 14% and transport 6%.

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