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Santos “expert” report on CSG project fails to reflect falling demand

Michael West:

They thought they could get away with it; that is, lobbing a chunky “independent expert’s report” at one minute to midnight in a bid to win approval to frack for coal seam gas at Narrabri.

It is down to the wire for Santos’s CSG project in NSW. Just one more hurdle. Despite myriad environmental concerns and strident opposition from farmers and the local community, the project got the tick from the NSW environment minister. Note well: *environment minister*.

Final approval rests with the Independent Planning Commission and Santos has endeavoured to game the process by lodging a voluminous “expert” report at the eleventh hour with new claims over the costs for the project, false claims.

The report is a hoax. The gas cartel of Santos, BHP-Exxon, Shell and Origin have kept prices so high they have killed domestic demand for gas.

“The entire basis on which Santos/Acil Allen’s report is written – the claim that there is stable domestic demand – is incorrect,” writes gas analyst Bruce Robertson in a report for IEEFA.

“Domestic demand is falling, despite low prices, and is destined to fall further and faster due to the global gas supply glut and the flattening of international prices.” The graphic below tells the story. If this chart shows “relatively flat demand” then Santos has a funny idea of what constitutes “flat”. 

[Michael West]

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