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Rosneft claims low-sulfur Arctic oil to yield “green barrels”

The Barents Observer: 

Russian state company Rosneft is about to start the development of one of Russia’s biggest ever oil projects, and company leader Igor Sechin is eagerly seeking justification of his multi-billion dollar investments in the remote tundra of Taymyr.

The Vostok Oil is to produce as much as 30 million tons of oil already in 2024, and annual production will reach 100 million tons by 2030. Vast areas of vulnerable Arctic lands will be affected as the oilmen build hundreds of kilometres of pipelines, roads and other infrastructure along the Yenisey River to a projected terminal on the Kara Sea coast.

According to the company, the project will include the building of 15 new industry towns, three airports, about 800 km of new pipelines, 3500 km of new electricity lines and 2000 MW of electric power capacity.

In May this year, the first ships loaded construction materials sailed into the Yenisey Bay and set ashore about 20,000 tons of goods.

Parts of the project will be developed in areas that are subjected to nature protection. However, the major environmental footprint notwithstanding, Sechin and his Rosneft argues that the Vostok Oil is as “green” as it gets.

[Atle Staalesen]

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