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Renewables topped 30% share in Australia’s main electricity grid in September, coal fell to new low

Renew Economy:

September 2020 has gone down in history as the first month on Australia’s National Electricity Market with a more than 30% share of electricity coming from renewables, according to a series of charts posted on Twitter on Thursday.

In NEM stats shared…by Windlab’s David Osmond and then re-tweeted with some added detail by energy analyst Simon Holmes à Court, total renewable electricity share reached 30.4% across [NEM] in September, while both wind and solar notched up new monthly supply records, at 13% and 10.8% respectively.

But while renewables generation increased by 819GWh, or 6.4%, compared with Q3 in 2019, fossil fuels went in the other direction. Coal power generation fell to a new minimum of 10,188GWh and a share of 65.4%. And the Morrison government favourite – gas – was “the biggest loser,” says as Holmes à Court points, “falling a whopping 18.7% to less than five per cent.

And, just for the record, South Australia recorded a share of wind and solar of 66 per cent of local demand in the month of September, a record. Oh, and the lights stayed on.

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