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Proposed New England power projects reflect ‘dramatic shift’ from gas to renewables

Utility Dive:

About 95% of nearly 21GW of energy resources currently proposed for the New England region are grid-scale wind, solar and battery projects, according to the Independent System Operator of New England (ISO-NE).

The number “reflects a dramatic shift” in the grid operator’s interconnection queue, ISO-NE president and CEO Gordon van Welie said in a press call on Friday. Five years ago, the majority of projects sought by developers were natural gas resources, he said.

While not all of the projects in the queue will be developed, the shift “signals that that’s the type of project that developers are seeking to propose or to bring forward,” Anne George, ISO-NE’s VP of external affairs and corporate communications, said on the call.

The makeup of the proposed 20,927MW includes 68% wind, 15% solar and 11% battery storage. Natural gas makes up only 5% or 1,037 MW. Developers are asking ISO-NE to study proposals for many more potential projects as well.

In 2016, natural gas made up 63% of the queue, with wind representing 33% of the 13,000MW of total proposed generation. In 2015, the interconnection queue had about 10,000MW of proposed projects — 57% natural gas and 42% wind.

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