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Julia Lanham

Human Resources Manager

Julia Lanham is a human capital expert, believing in the power of people!  As HR Manager, she keeps a close ear to the ground, always looking for opportunities to make the world of work a place people look forward to being.

Julia's experience comes from diverse organizational types: government, for-profit, and non-profit.  And as a former business owner, she understands the linkages between trust, culture, employee engagement, and organizational success. 

Julia holds one of the highest certifications from the HR Certification Institute, Global Professional Human Resources (GPHR).   Julia's Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, coupled with her Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Change, give her a solid understanding of workplace dynamics and their impacts on employees.

Julia's first love is people!  When she discovered human resources while working as a trainer in web services, once bitten, she never looked back.  She enjoys all aspects of human resources and continually looks for ways to stretch and grow in the field to be of better service to others. 

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