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IEEFA Australia: Are we ready for a power grid without coal?

Exploring alternatives to ensure a stable power grid

Are we ready for a power grid without coal? Australia’s electricity grid still relies on coal-fired generation. But with coal plants retiring and more renewables coming into the mix, that needs to change. Liddell power station is closing in 2023, and Yallourn in 2028. The way things are going we should expect others to close […]

IEEFA: What the Texas energy crisis means for Bangladesh’s energy security

Greater reliance on LNG imports means Bangladesh will bear climate-related risks of exporting countries, threatening energy security and electricity costs

The energy crisis in Texas has become world news. During extreme winter weather in February, surging electricity demand collided with falling generation, forcing the state’s grid operator to implement rolling blackouts. At its peak, at least 4.5 million Texans were without electricity and more than 80 deaths have been attributed to power losses. The crisis […]

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IEEFA Indonesia: Lessons from Texas on extreme weather and power grid resilience

Extreme weather risks are likely here to stay and planning ahead is necessary for Indonesia

In mid-February, a catastrophic power outage in Texas left more than four million households stranded for days without electricity amidst freezing weather. More than 46,000 megawatts (MW) of power capacity went offline under the extreme cold weather event, putting pressure on the power grid system and resulting in broad-based failure. Gas supplies – which provide […]

IEEFA Australia: Port of Newcastle’s roadblock on the path away from thermal coal

Planned fossil fuel exit by the world’s largest coal port is paralysed by lending constraints and a secret NSW government deal

The Port of Newcastle’s planned exit from fossil fuels suffered further setback last month after ANZ withdrew financing from the terminal, presently the world’s largest port for exporting thermal coal. ANZ had previously been a major lender to the port, however divested its position during the latest round of refinancing of approximately A$900 million in […]

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