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IEEFA Australia: Kurri Kurri gas-fired plant is AU$1 billion dollar white elephant

The Government can easily do better

In retrospect, the government-owned 667 megawatt (MW) Colongra gas-fired power plant on the Central Coast of New South Wales was an engineering marvel and a financial disaster. The AU$500 million capital cost included $104m for a spur line to the Sydney–Newcastle gas pipeline. The cost of the facility itself was $0.60m/MW. While capital costs a […]


IEEFA: Despite strong Q2, ExxonMobil upstream continues to underwhelm

Exxon’s U.S. upstream division makes up little ground in the Permian Basin

August 9, 2021 (IEEFA) – ExxonMobil’s U.S. upstream operations have yet to regain their footing after a decade of turmoil. While the second quarter of 2021 was the company’s best in years, ExxonMobil has invested $61.5 billion on U.S. upstream capital projects since 2013, only to report $5.3 billion in cumulative losses. These losses may […]

IEEFA: Months after tumultuous ExxonMobil annual meeting, no substantial change expected

Despite pressure, old leadership and old habits haven’t changed at ExxonMobil

The ExxonMobil shareholder meeting this year will go down in the annals of business as either the start of a new era of progress on climate change or evidence of a tired, ineffectual system of shareholder rights that governs U.S. companies.  The jury is out on the long-term impact, but for the moment there has […]

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IEEFA Australia: Five issues with demand response standard AS4755

Energy Ministers need to rethink how to mandate demand response for household appliances

As Australia’s electricity system transitions to variable renewable sources, the need for smart solutions such as demand response is increasing. Household demand response provides options to increase or decrease an appliance’s power consumption. It can also be used to change the flow of any onsite electricity generation, for example using excess solar generation to charge […]

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