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IEEFA Update: Coking coal’s decline likely to follow the path of thermal coal’s progressive demise

Technology disruption the likely theme of global energy markets in 2021

There has been a growing tsunami of climate commitment announcements combined with fossil fuel exclusion policies by globally significant financial institutions during December 2020, building on the pledges two months earlier by the leaders of China, Japan and South Korea committing to net zero emissions targets. On top of that, three leading corporate announcements show […]

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IEEFA: AIA too important to lag global insurers in coal investment, divestment, and exclusion

AIA must back their climate pledges

21 December 2020 (IEEFA Asia): Major insurer AIA still holds anywhere between US $4 – 6 billion in coal and coal-fired power assets that if stranded will massively reduce wealth for investors and despite pledging its commitment to three significant global climate accords according to a new report by the Institute for Energy Economics and […]

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IEEFA Australia: Beetaloo is a sink-hole which the gas industry itself isn’t even investing in

Federal Government’s $50 million handout to Northern Territory gas industry a shocking waste of taxpayer dollars

The Federal government’s $50 million handout to the Northern Territory’s failing gas industry to fast-track exploration in the Beetaloo Basin is a waste of taxpayer money that will bring zero return. The gas industry is not even investing itself, so why would the Federal Government? Gas companies have been cutting production and sacking workers. Stimulating […]

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IEEFA U.S.: FERC gives blank check approval to pipeline builders, while investors and consumers pick up costs

Commission’s 21-year-old pipeline policy puts contracts ahead of utility customers

December 17, 2020 (IEEFA) — The federal agency responsible for approving interstate gas pipeline projects is basing its decisions on contracts rather than on today’s consumer energy needs or the public interest, according to a report released today by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. The report—FERC’s Failure to Analyze Energy Market Forces—details […]

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