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IEEFA: Regulatory over-reach in South Australia’s switch-off of household solar

There are other solutions to minimum demand issues in the grid

28 April 2021 (IEEFA Australia): New measures allowing rooftop solar systems in South Australia to be remotely switched off without householders’ knowledge has set a worrying precedent, according to a new briefing note from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA). The rooftop solar cut-off measures give energy authorities powers to switch off […]

IEEFA: Whitehaven’s Vickery coal folly

Company’s shareholder wealth destruction is extreme and ongoing

Whitehaven Coal has long set its strategic direction on the implicit assumption that the world would fail to deliver on the Paris Agreement. Its investor communications and Board strategies have largely ignored and more recently downplayed this key financial and strategic risk. The financial market however is not so blind. The shares of Whitehaven Coal […]

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IEEFA/EMBER: Energy giants demand billions from Dutch taxpayers for stranded coal assets

New research undermines compensation claims for coal phaseout

Coal assets held by RWE and Uniper in the Netherlands are already economically unviable and have largely been written-down, according to a new analysis by IEEFA and Ember (an independent energy and climate think tank), in collaboration with Dutch knowledge centre SOMO. Market forces, not Dutch legislation, are causing the demise of these coal-fired power […]

IEEFA Guyana: Despite contract terms that heavily favor ExxonMobil, missteps continue to plague productivity and drag down returns

ExxonMobil announces production cuts and improved financials – transparency needed

ExxonMobil Guyana ended the year with good news – local operations reached maximum capacity of 120,000 bpd by end of December. The progress was unsustainable; by April announcements came that production would be cut by 75%. On the heels of December’s good news, the Guyanese government posted the results from its fifth oil lift in […]

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