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Paducah Power’s Rates Still High Even as Prairie State Plant Performance Improved from July-September

David Zoeller in the Paducah Sun:

Paducah Power System officials are encouraged by the recent improved performance of the Prairie State Energy Campus, the utility’s chief supplier of power.

While the news is encouraging, it may not have an immediate impact on lowering the Power Cost Adjustment – and therefore PPS’ electric rates – anytime soon.

Paducah Power’s rates are the highest in the state due mainly to the past poor performance of Prairie State and the utility’s large debt as an owner in the project.

According to Dave Carroll, PPS director of finance and administration, the Illinois coal plant’s capacity factor for the first three months of Fiscal Year 2016 is above projections. Capacity factors compare how much power a plant produces with what it would have produced had it run at full power for a specified period of time.

Prairie State’s capacity factor has been above 90 percent since June, the last month of FY 2015, and July through September, the first quarter of FY 2016. Those factors are: June, 93.6 percent; July, 91.5 percent; August, 92.1 percent; and September, 98.2 percent….

[Paducah Power General Manager Gary] Zheng continues to focus much of his attention on another issue facing the utility: finding a buyer for some of PPS’ excess capacity.

“We know we have a lot more capacity than we need,” Zheng said. “I still believe the (long-term) solution is going to come from the outside, finding a long-term partner to sell power to.”

Prairie State performance looking good $

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