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New York regulators approve state’s 3GW, 2030 storage goal

PV Magazine:

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has announced that an initiative to dramatically increase the state’s energy storage targets has been approved by the New York State Public Service Commission.

With the initiative’s passing, the state is now on a trajectory to deploy 1.5 GW of energy storage by 2025, before doubling and reaching up to 3 GW by 2030. Those numbers represent enough energy storage to power 1.2 million homes by 2025 and 2.4 million homes by 2030. While those targets are ambitious to say the least, they should come as no surprise, as Gov. Cuomo has been calling for that 3 GW storage figure since last year.

The New York State Public Service Commission, in response to the initiative’s passing, has adopted a strategy to address the issues that have impeded the deployment of energy storage within the state. The commission hopes that the strategy will establish a critical foundation to support the state’s goal of creating 30,000 jobs in the energy storage industry, accelerate the market learning curve, drive down costs and accelerate deployment of energy storage.

On top of the storage target, the initiative also calls for an additional $40 million of funding for pairing storage with PV projects, while directing the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority to file a market acceleration bridge incentive implementation plan. Furthermore, the state’s six major utilities are now directed to hold competitive procurements for 350 MW of bulk-sited energy storage systems.

On the same day a sister initiative was passed, calling for investor-owned utilities to more than double utility energy efficiency progress by 2025. This was passed in the hopes that the initiative will reduce the state’s energy consumption by the equivalent of fueling and powering 1.8 million homes. The state estimates that, if current projections hold, this initiative will create another 50,000 new jobs.

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