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N.D. editorial: Carbon capture offers bridge for post-fossil fuel era

Grand Forks Herald:

The nation’s reliance on fossil fuels – oil, gas and coal – won’t end anytime soon. Meanwhile, the planet is changing and probably because of the use of those very energy sources. And even those who don’t believe in climate change must acknowledge that attitudes are evolving and that the days of fossil fuels are endangered.

The trouble is, the nation’s infrastructure – transportation, travel, industry – still relies heavily on fossil fuel use.

So how can the nation bridge the gap between its reliance on fossil fuels and the path toward alternative, reliable energy sources that are still so far down the road?

One answer is carbon capture, and a project in the works in North Dakota can help. 

But it’s not without controversy. An Ohio group – the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis – recently released a report that criticized Project Tundra, saying it “faces significant risks and uncertainties that could undermine its economic viability and lead to higher electric rates for the ratepayers of the cooperatives that buy power from Minnkota. …”

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