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Massive Iceland offshore wind farm viewed as power option for UK

Offshore Engineer:

Hecate Independent Power, a company chaired by  Sir Tony Baldry, a former minister in the UK Department of Energy under Margaret Thatcher, on Friday announced plans to build a massive offshore wind project off the coast of Iceland that would, via long subsea cables, power the UK.

According to the developer, the project, called HIP Atlantic, proposes the installation of 10GW of fixed and floating wind turbines in the North Atlantic connected to the United Kingdom by long-length, high-capacity, high-voltage direct current (HVDC) submarine power transmission cables.

“These cables are to be manufactured in the United Kingdom at a £200 million (US $277 million) bespoke power cable plant to be built at a port in the northeast of England.  The total project cost is estimated at GBP £21 billion (US $30 billion),” said the company, according to which, the project will create 15,000 UK jobs, and 500 in Iceland (during the pilot phase).

HIP is a company owned by U.S. renewable energy firm Hecate Energy LLC, and UK-based Independent Power Corporation PLC, a developer of conventional power plants.

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