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Maharashtra burdened by reliance upon old coal-fired plants

The Economic Times:

Replacing the existing units 6 and 7 of Koradi Thermal Power Station (KTPS) with renewable energy or power from other sources, such as exchange power at 3 kilowatt per hour, can save Rs200 crore per annum. Also, if the units are retired instead of retrofitting them with pollution control technologies like flue gas desulfurization (FGD), it could save another Rs200 crore, believes an analysis.

The latest analysis was presented by Ashish, lead analyst at Climate Risk Horizons, during the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) Maharashtra Discom virtual round-table held on Wednesday. The analysis further shows that all the over 20-year-old plants in the state are less than 150km away from a non-attainment city or a critically polluted industrial cluster.

Koradi power plant is among the six plants in the state located in high water-stressed region. “Avoided retrofits by phasing out more than 20-year-old plants in the state can save Rs2,063 crore,” the analysis added. 

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