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Lumea announces plans for first unsubsidized big battery in Australia

Renew Economy:

Lumea, the commercial offshoot of transmission company TransGrid, has announced plans for a 300MW big battery in Melbourne that it is describing as a “first of its kind” in Australia because it will be the first to be fully financed without using government funding or contracts.

The 300MW battery at the Deer Park Energy Hub, west of Tullamarine airport, will have up to nearly two hours storage, or around 580MWh, and importantly will be targeting “spot” arbitrage markets and also the frequency control market and other grid services.

“This is a first of its kind battery in Australia,” Lumea’s head of infrastructure Nigel Buchanan told RenewEconomy in an interview on Monday. “It’s the arrival of batteries as a stand-alone commercial solution for the transition to renewables. It is super exciting.”

Australia has six big grid-scale batteries operating around Australia and another half a dozen in construction, and more than 50 others in the pipeline. (See RenewEconomy’s Big Battery Storage Map of Australia).

Most of those built or being built have relied either on direct funding from government agencies such as the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the Clean Energy Finance Corp, and state bodies, and/or have secured contracts with state governments or the Australian Energy Market Operator.

“Lumea is looking to demonstrate that batteries can be fully funded through the market,” Buchanan said.

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