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Largest energy storage system to date signed in Israel

Renewable Energy Magazine:

Sungrow and Enlight Renewable Energy, signed a joint agreement in which Sungrow will supply Enlight with 430 MWh of its flagship liquid cooled energy storage system (ESS). The contract is the largest ESS agreement signed to date in Israel, bolstering the country’s energy transition and marking a massive scale-up in installations for the newly launched program.

Last year the Israeli government introduced its goal of generating 30% of its electricity needs via renewables by 2030. Solar PV is expected to contribute to most of it, corresponding to 26% of Israel’s renewable electricity in 2030, indicating 12 GW to 15 GW of new PV installations in the coming decade. To reach such a high percentage of solar usage, Israel is currently aiming to develop an advanced solar-plus-storage system to ensure a stable and reliable electricity grid.

Sungrow will supply 430 MWh of its latest 4-hour liquid cooled ESS, a combination of a contracted 230 MWh for stage 1 and a locked 200 MWh battery for stage 2, which enables profitability, flexibility and safety.

The capital and operating expenses of Sungrow’s ESS are reduced as a result of pre-assembly, easy on-site installation, and a more effective cell working environment which slows capacity loss substantially. With the modular DC/DC converter, the battery rack can be fully charged and discharged. Further, the system is optimized in safety performance because of its standout anti-leakage design and an integrated aerosol fire fighting system. Combing with the solar system, the highly integrated ESS can be widely used in multiple applications, including energy shifting, ancillary service, like ramp rate control, reactive power provision and more.

“We are excited to announce our first strategic procurement agreement in the energy storage arena via the selection of Sungrow’s New ESS Li-ion Solution. We believe that the combination of Sungrow’s product leadership and CATL’s cell technology will provide us with the superior solution we need for our advanced solar plus battery projects, driving best-in-class plant performance,” said Gilad Yavetz, CEO of Enlight Renewable Energy.

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