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Increasing India’s Solar Power Capacity Five-Fold in 7 Years

Anubhuti Vishnoi for Economic Times:

Seven years from now, passengers looking out of planes flying over India shouldn’t be surprised to see swathes of land covered with shiny, black panels staring right back up at them. If the Narendra Modi government is successful, rows of these panels would have been mounted everywhere — on rooftops of buildings across cities, at airports, on trains, at railway stations and, of course, on vast expanses of land – quietly generating clean power tapped from the sun.

In June, the Union Cabinet approved a plan to increase India’s solar power capacity target five-fold to 100,000 megawatts by 2022, equivalent to roughly one-third of the country’s current total electricity generation capacity. Rooftop installations will account for a 40% chunk of this target and the remainder will come from medium and large grid-connected projects.

No one would argue against the idea of generating 100 GW of solar power in a country like India, which is endowed with abundant sunshine. In most parts of the country, clear sunny weather is experienced for 250 to 300 days a year. Some say the Modi government’s agenda is ‘overambitious’ and question whether the initiative, which requires an investment of Rs 6 lakh crore, will deliver.

India’s current solar power base is 4,060 MW. The goal can be reached if an average of about 15,000 MW of solar power is added every year. The target is very achievable, Ajay Prakash Srivastava, Director of the Solar Energy Society of India, told ET…

India has started to make all the right moves, the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis said in a report this month. “A rapid ramp-up in India over several years is just as feasible…Much needs to be done still to turn this intent into action, but a number of recent developments give substance to the objective. As solar becomes more and more commercially viable, the step-up in Indian investment and employment, and the benefits of energy system diversity, will only add momentum” the US institute said.

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