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IEA: Almost 200GW of renewable energy capacity will be installed worldwide in 2019

PV Magazine:

After stagnating last year, renewable energy has hit back with a vengeance in 2019 with the International Energy Agency (IEA) expecting almost 200 GW of new clean energy generation capacity will have been added by year-end.

The lion’s share of the new capacity will come from solar – 115 GW of it despite a small decline in China – as PV and wind offer very much the mainstream options.

Rapid solar power adoption across EU member states, particularly Spain, will offset the dip in the world’s biggest market according to the IEA, which also picked out Vietnam, India, the U.S. and Japan as fast-expanding solar markets. In fact, the only uncertainty cited in the latest IEA forecast concerned the unpredictable Chinese marketplace.

This year PV will crack the 100 GW mark globally for the first time, helped by a more-than-80% fall in solar prices since 2010 as PV becomes the largest clean energy technology deployed for the third year running, according to IEA predictions.

The IEA estimates the onshore wind market will grow 15% to 53 GW this year, driven by new installations in the U.S. and China. The increase in offshore wind energy is expected to remain stable at around 5 GW in 2019, led by the European Union and China.

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