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Hermann, Mo., Mayor: ‘Nobody With an IQ Above Their Shoe Size’ Believes Prairie State Is Viable

Hermann mayor 033115The St. Louis Post-Dispatch picks up the latest Prairie State Energy Campus story in an overnight piece distributed nationally via McClatchy News Service.

The article, by Jacob Barker, describes the lawsuit filed earlier this month by the town of Hermann, Mo., which is seeking to end its ties to the overpriced, underperforming coal-fired plant. Parker notes also that “Peabody and the other backers” still argue that Prairie State will one day produce reliable, affordable electricity, a stance Hermann Mayor Tom Shabel says in the Post-Dispatch article is not credible: “I don’t believe that anybody with an IQ above their shoe size believes that for a New York minute.”

Barker notes that Hermann “isn’t the first to complain of electricity prices that turned out to be much higher than what was pitched.” Batavia, Ill, has sued Indiana’s public power agency and Marceline, Mo., was able to get out of its contract in 2013 after threatening legal action.


  • “‘We tried to negotiate with them,’Shabel said. ‘It was destroying the city, this relationship. We’ve lost close to $1 million in the last year. … The only way you can negotiate with MoPEP or MJMEUC is to have some sort of club over their head.’”
  • “Originally pitched by St. Louis-based Peabody Energy, the coal company has since reduced its stake in the power plant and adjacent mine complex to 5 percent. The rest is owned by public power agencies, including those in Missouri and Illinois, whose members are on the hook for power purchases.”

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