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Germany looks to add 40GW of new solar, wind capacity by 2025

S&P Global Market Intelligence ($):

Germany plans to tender for 40 GW of solar and wind capacity between 2021 and 2025 as it strives to hit a 2030 target of 65% renewable energy in its power mix, according to an energy ministry draft of the country’s new renewable energy law seen Sept. 1.

Ministries are discussing the 2021 draft of the Renewable Energy Sources Act, or EEG, dated Aug. 25, with the cabinet set to decide on a final version in late September.

Onshore wind is to continue to play a leading role in the EEG, with 16.7 GW to be auctioned over the five-year period to 2025-end. Extra support is being targeted at projects in southern Germany. Solar would see 10.7 GW auctioned, of which 2 GW is for large rooftop projects, while offshore wind auctions would seek 9 GW, with details to be set out in a separate law.

The numbers are based on assumed 2030 electricity demand being little changed at 580 TWh. The 65% renewable energy target would therefore require 377 TWh of generation from renewables, with the target potentially requiring adjustment depending on energy savings and new demand from electric vehicles, green hydrogen or electric heating.

In total, the draft targets 100 GW of solar, compared with 52 GW installed and 98 GW targeted in last year’s 2030 climate law, and 71 GW onshore wind, versus 54 GW installed and a 67 GW to 71 GW range in the 2030 climate law. The government has already boosted its 2030 offshore wind target by 5 GW to 20 GW.

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