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GE subsidiary plans zero-waste wind turbine blades by 2030

Renew Economy:

Danish wind turbine manufacturer LM Wind – a subsidiary of GE – has announced that it will produce zero waste wind turbine blades by 2030, giving up on any landfilling and incineration as future waste management solutions.

LM Wind boasts that almost every fifth wind turbine in the world is fitted with its blades, including thousands of GE turbines located on land and sea.

Currently, around 20% to 25% of materials purchased by wind turbine blade manufacturers do not go into the final product, meaning that waste from manufacturing represents one of the biggest challenges faced by the wind industry.

According to LM Wind, nearly a third of their operational carbon footprint stems from waste disposal, which makes their plans to develop zero waste turbine blades all the more important.

In the life cycle of wind turbine blades, around 75% of CO2 emissions occur in the supply chain. Increasing recycling and reuse throughout the manufacturing phase will significantly reduce emissions.

[Joshua Hill]

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