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Federal trade court overturns tariffs on double-sided solar panels

E&E News ($):

A federal trade court has sided with the solar industry’s biggest trade group, striking down tariffs supported by both the Trump and Biden administrations on imports of a special kind of double-sided panel.

The “bifacial” panels, as they’re known, make up a modest percentage of the overall market but are rapidly turning into a favorite of solar developers, since they can generate electricity from a panel’s shadowed side at only a small cost premium.

In 2018, former President Trump decided to exclude them from import tariffs on solar panels, given their marginal role. Then, two years later, he reversed course, slapping bifacial imports with the same tariff treatment as other foreign-made panels (Energywire, Oct. 13, 2020).

That triggered a lawsuit from three solar developers and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), which argued that Trump had run afoul of trade laws in his 2020 proclamation.

Yesterday, the U.S. Court of International Trade agreed with the solar groups, writing that Trump had acted “outside of the President’s delegated authority” when he hit bifacial panels with the fees.

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