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Électricité de France sees growth opportunities in India’s renewable energy transition

ET Energyworld.com:

French electric utility company Électricité de France (EDF) expects India to play an important role in its global strategy of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. It is in the process of scaling up solar and wind power generation capacity in India to 2 gigawatts by 2022 and is scouting for acquisition opportunities in hydropower, EDF’s India head told ET.

EDF has an ambitious target of doubling renewable installed capacity worldwide by 2030 to 50 GW and has identified renewable energy, smart metering, smart cities, transmission and distribution, and nuclear power as key growth areas in India.

“We are open to solar and wind acquisitions, if they match our group’s philosophy, and are technically and commercially sound. We are also looking for brownfield acquisition in hydropower now. The hydropower capacity will be over and above the 2 gw that we are aiming for solar and wind capacity,” said Harmanjit Nagi, EDF India Director.

EDF is currently implementing one of the largest advanced metering infrastructure projects in India that entails installing five million smart meters across the country. The company is also upbeat about India’s smart city plans.

“We see huge potential in smart metering, smart cities, and smart lighting projects. The way power distribution companies are adapting to smart technologies, I think it will open a lot of doors for us and we are hopeful that we will have the first mover’s advantage,” Nagi said.

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