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Editorial: Huntley Coal Plant Closing Is Manageable

From the Buffalo News:

The closing was, in any case, inevitable. Its demise was foretold and that, at least, has given those affected time to plan.

The downside is all about pain: loss of jobs, shrinking of the tax base, the end of a familiar era. The upside is about the potential for a better future: less pollution, better land use, the possibility of new jobs.

It doesn’t matter much if anyone believes the negatives outweigh the positives or vice versa. The overarching point is that this was going to happen at some point.

The Huntley Plant was already a dinosaur, operating at no more than 15 percent of capacity. With the collapse of natural gas prices, there was no practical way for this coal-fired relic to compete with generators burning a fuel that is both cheaper and cleaner. Nor, ultimately, is it desirable.

Closing of aging Huntley power plant will force a difficult, but manageable, transition

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