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Coal-fired Onyx Power Plant in Netherlands to close in two months

Netherlands News Live:

The coal-fired Onyx Power Plant in Rotterdam will close. The owner of the coal-fired power station, the American investor Riverstone, will receive 212.5 million euros in subsidy. This was announced by outgoing State Secretary Danil Yesilgöz of Economic Affairs and Climate.

The cabinet has been discussing closure with the company for some time, because it saves a significant amount of carbon dioxide emissions every year. The cabinet sees this step as necessary to achieve the goals set out in the lawsuit that action group Urgenda had initiated.

“Step by step, we are phasing out the coal-fired power stations in the Netherlands and making our energy supply cleaner,” says Yesilgöz. “In the coming years, the remaining three coal-fired power stations will still be needed to supply electricity when there is a high demand, for example in periods of little wind and sun.”

The government makes the subsidy conditional on Riverstone drawing up an “adequate” social plan for the dozens of employees. The company has said it wants to allocate 23 million euros for this. According to the FNV trade union, 35 million euros is needed.

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