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CIMB Group Holdings, indicates coal divestiture policy in the works

Casper Star Tribune:

Over the past decade, Wyoming’s coal industry has taken a beating, but this year has proven particularly brutal.

Layoffs have whipped through the state at a searing pace, outstripping previous busts and catapulting thousands of families into uncertainty.

Since March, over 500 miners have lost their jobs in the coal mines. Over 300 have been furloughed. Coal production has been slashed by 30%. Coal-fired power plants across the nation have continued to shutter.

Dennis Wamsted, an energy analyst at the think tank Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis considers the shortcomings of the Petra Nova carbon capture project a warning sign to future investments in carbon capture. He also delivered a scathing review of the Department of Energy’s study. He called it “misleading and overly optimistic.”

In the conditions set up in the study, Wyoming’s coal plants could be equipped with carbon capture units as soon as 2026.

“Just the assumption in this report that everything will be online in 2026, to me, is a ludicrous assumption,” Wamsted said. “It just can’t be done.”

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