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Chinese companies take aim at Japan’s growing battery storage market

Nikkei Asian Review:

Chinese energy companies are making a push into Japan’s storage battery market, expanding their reach in the renewable energy sector after establishing dominance in solar panels.

China’s electric car leader, BYD, will start selling storage batteries for factories and power plants in 2021, while CATL ‒ the world leader in vehicle batteries ‒ plans to offer low-cost storage batteries for residences and businesses starting next year.

Chinese companies have come to claim 70% of the global solar panel market, including a 50% share in former leader Japan. Now, noting an increasing need among Japanese households to store spare energy they generate, players from China are moving to fill that need as well. The resulting competition is likely to lower prices, spurring demand further.

BYD plans to sell stationary units using its lithium-ion battery technology. The company is expanding its reach in stationary batteries at home as well as in markets like the U.S., claiming a roughly 10% global share in the sector behind South Korean players like Samsung SDI and LG Chem.

CATL, or Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd., has teamed with Japanese solar power equipment builder Next Energy & Resources on storage batteries for Japan’s market, aiming to sell the products for about 50% cheaper than competitors.

Fellow Chinese companies Trina Solar — the world’s No. 3 player in solar panels — and 10th-place Suntech Power aim to move into the Japanese stationary battery market as well.

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