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China pushes energy offices to identify areas for blanket rooftop solar

PV Magazine:

China’s National Energy Administration (NEA) has attempted to move the dial on small scale PV in the nation by asking its provincial offices to nominate counties where a trial program to push blanket rooftop solar can be carried out.

The state entity wants selected counties to have at least 20% of all residential rooftops equipped with solar, as well as at least 30% of commercial and industrial structures; 40% of non-government public buildings, such as hospital and schools; and half of the roofs on the government estate.

NEA provincial offices will be pressed for time, however, with the national office requiring the pilot counties to be identified within a fortnight.

Under the plan, installers will be selected to develop all of the rooftop capacity in each county and, two days after the policy was promulgated, the State Power Investment Corporation informed its subsidiaries it would be involved in the distributed PV pilot schemes.

With the provinces of Fujian, Guangzhou, Shaanxi, Jiangxi, Gansu, and Zhejiang having, since March, published plans for similar programs, the NEA decision appears to have rolled out their actions across the rest of the nation.

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