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CEP.Energy planning world’s largest battery storage project in Australia

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CEP.Energy, a company chaired by former NSW Labor premier Morris Iemma, has announced plans to build what it says will be the “world’s biggest battery” – 1,200MW – at the industrial centre of Kurri Kurri in the Hunter Valley, right where the Morrison government wants to build its own gas-fired generator.

The CEP plans follow on from the announcement last October that the company would build a network of industrial-scale rooftop solar and battery storage installations, totaling up to 1,500MW.

These plans have now been expanded to encompass grid-scale batteries, with the 1,200MW Kurri Kurri battery – there is no word yet on the storage duration – to be part of a network of four big grid-scale batteries across the country with a total capacity of 2,000MW.

Peter Wright, the CEO of CEP, and a former Macquarie executive, says this will make CEP the biggest owner of battery storage assets in Australia, although France’s Neoen, which owns the Hornsdale Power Reserve, and is building a 300MW/450MWh big battery at Geelong and a 900MW/1800MWh battery at Goyder South, and is also considering a 500MW big battery near Sydney, may contest that claim.

Iemma said this and other batteries would play a major role in filling the gaps left by the gradual retirement of coal and gas-fired generation assets, including the nearby Liddell Power Station.

Wright says the Kurri Kurri battery will be built in stages, with the first to be delivered by 2023. It has not yet selected a supplier, with Tesla (favoured by Neoen), Fluence and Wartsila (chosen by AGL) among those expected to compete for the mandate.

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