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CEO says Michigan utility ‘totally transforming’ its electric generation

Bridge Magazine:

Coal once reigned supreme on Michigan’s electricity grid. Not anymore.

Touting landmark goals to slash carbon dioxide emissions that speed global warming, Michigan’s biggest utilities are shuttering coal plants in favor of cheaper generation from natural gas and renewables like wind and solar.

That includes DTE Energy, which provides electricity to 2.2 million customers in southeast Michigan. The utility last month said it planned to reach its goal of cutting emissions 80 percent by 2040, a decade earlier than it planned just two years ago.

The plan involves closing three coal plants by 2022, a year earlier than originally planned, and building a $1 billion natural gas plant in St. Clair County to replace the lost coal. DTE also plans to add more wind power in the next few years before it dramatically ramps up solar.  

“We’re just totally transforming the way we generate power,” CEO Gerry Anderson told Bridge Magazine in a recent interview.

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