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Wall Street hiring political insiders to protect $30 trillion in ESG assets

Bloomberg ($): Mark Carney to Brookfield Asset Management. Brexit architect Nigel Farage to DGB Group. A senior Obama aide to BlackRock Inc. One after another, the high-profile hires came in recent months, and in each case, they were handed some iteration of the same mandate: To help their new employers safeguard and grow their burgeoning […]

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IEEFA Swamp Watch: Will a New Federal Giveaway Keep a Mine Alive in Arizona?

Department of Energy Offering of $100 million in Fresh Funding for ‘Transformational’ Coal Projects Ignores a Long History of Failure; Likely Beneficiary Is Peabody Energy; At-Risk Potential Partners are Hopi and Navajo Nations

The stunning record of failure for “clean coal” projects in the U.S. has not kept the coal industry—and its allies in the Trump administration—from using more federal subsidies for reckless projects. The latest comes by way of a recent Department of Energy offering of $100 million toward “Fossil Fuel Large Scale Pilots.” DOE, along with […]

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IEEFA Swamp Watch: A New Coal Mine, the Russians, an Amsterdam Connection, and Trump …

IEEFA Swamp Watch: A New Coal Mine, the Russians, an Amsterdam Connection, and Trump …

Paringa Resources, Run by a Friend to the President, Aims to Add to an Oversupplied Market

Word is that a new U.S. thermal coal mine—the first since the election of Donald Trump—will break ground in Kentucky in July. Paringa Resources Limited, based in Evansville, Ind., says it has raised enough money to start construction on the proposed Buck Creek Complex Poplar Grove Mine. The company has announced also that it has […]

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